A little info about my Bengal Program and my lovely Bengal cats  and kittens  in  New England .

My first priority with my Bengal Cats and kittens   is  providing them  a happy life here  at my Massachusetts  home , keeping their well being and health foremost . 

 I  keep  only three beautiful quality Bengal females at any given time   ,  offering them my utmost attention .

 My Bengal  girls  are all part of my household and  roam my home underfoot and as part of the family.

On occasions I may  breed  ,  and when  I do , I do so as a  small scale conscientious hobby Bengal breeder , with breed advancement as my goals . 

 I  love being part of the dedicated  advancement of this wonderful breed in my own small way and I

take the task and responsibility of advancing standards and healthy lineage of Bengal Cats  serious .

Over the years I have shown my Bengals in New England and occasionally I still attend TICA shows.

When  I  breed  I pair my girls with a show / breeding quality stud  male from Cavscout Bengals of Massachusetts .

My goal when breeding is to  produce  beautiful  bengal kittens   with  healthy stamina  ,   loving temperament  and strive for quality Bengal Cat breed  standards .

Aisling Nice Ride  of Amewsing    "Porsche"

Sire : Champion Simply Blessed Owen of Cavscout

Dam: Cavcscout Aisling ZuZu

"Porche" is  a beautiful Silver Seal Mink Lynx "Snow" girl that roams my home . She is co owned inconjuction  with Karen Madden of www.cavscoutbengals.com  and is part of an  Silver Bengal program that Cavscout Bengals  and several  other breeders are working on together  to advance a new  silver line into  the Bengal gene pool.

 Porche is my love bug and Queen of the castle here at my home . She is an absolutely stunning Silver Seal Lynx snow Bengal .  

Beautiful Porsche is such a  very sweet girl and a  loving  mommy  !   


I absolutely  love this photo of Porsche with a past litter  . Porsche is such an attentive loving  girl  and she is just as sweet  and huggy with people as she is with kittens !

My sweet Porsche (pictured above ) is a loving mother and her Silver Seal Lynx snow offspring show   phenomenal  prospects with  advancement of Silver Seal Lynx Snow Bengals  .    This is a kitten from Porsche's  litter  born and raised here with me.   .  Willow  is just exquisite and continues to show such loveliness as she matures  ! 

She also very adept at   being the center of attention in her new home and is now  loved and adored by Lauren  .  Thank you so much  Lauren  for sharing this photo with me ! 

Willow is definitely an eye catching beauty  and a beautiful example of a Silver  Seal Snow Lynx  Bengal as well a purr-fect love.


Please feel free to check the KITTEN PAGE  for updates as  to possible litters that may have been born. You will also  to find  info and   fun photos  about past litters !