Bengal Cat Info 

Bengal cats and kittens are amusing, outgoing , inquisitive , social family members  . Bengals  are definitely not couch potatoes that watch the day go by from the easy chair .

 They are active cats that truly enjoy interaction with their people and if you aren't providing them with it they will demand it of you !  That said when they have had quality time with you doing fun things with the family  at various times of  the day ( or night ) after playtime  they are more than   happy to curl up on your lap to snuggle  or next to you on the bed  for naps :)

Please do your research  ~  Bengals  are amazing cats but not for someone that doesn't have the time  they need as to  being an intricate part of the family .

My link compilation is still under construction but feel free to check the links below for interesting info on Bengals .

Bengal Cat Color/Patterns Information 


Are Bengal Cats Hypoallergenic ?

Bengals and Cat allergies 

It is true that some people with cat allergies may have less reactions to Bengals but it is unpredictable as to who will or won't have full allergic reactions to them.

Breeders are aware of this , so if someone tells you Bengals are hypoallergenic please know that isn't truly the case .

I have had people come and sit an play with  Bengal kittens and be fine only to end up taking a kitten home and finding out their allergies did indeed react in a way that affected them poorly . I am so sorry but for the  reason stated above  " I personally" no longer place my Bengals in homes with cat allergies .

It is your responsibility if seeking a cat or  kitten to be certain you or your family members are not allergic to cats .If in doubt please seek an allergist for testing .