To contact me  :

Thank you for your interest in my beautiful Bengal Cats  here in Massachusetts .

I have been associated and enamored with the Bengal Cat breed  for many a  year  . 

I attended my first International Cat Show in Boston in 2001  with  my very  first show boy  Bengal "Shakari Amewsingpaws of Amewsing"  . 

In addition to being a gorgeous eye catching example of the Bengal breed "Mew"  also had me wrapped around his beautiful paw . He had an  outrageously fun purr-sonality and  he took to the show ring on his very first time  out receiving a final  ribbon in  a large class of all breed kittens that day  . 

Mew  always  loved showing off for a crowd (much more than I did ) and people were always  drawn to his outgoing feline charm !

 I have  owned shown , and even mentored others with the Bengal breed over years and love having these fascinating felines as part of my life .

 As a hobby breeder I breed intermittently and with a well thought out decision towards goals and breed advancement ,  and only  when looking to advance various lineage or standard goals within my program .

There are times I have gone  years without breeding , but  I always stay active with my cats and breed advancement knowledge conversing with other enthusiast of the breed .

When working on breed standards and  advancement  with my Bengal breed lineage  or  when assisting other with theirs , I may have a few litters born in the course of a year . 

It is during  this time  that I may have  Bengal kittens available for adoption .

During  hiatus years when not breeding , I enjoy time with my Bengals while  I continue to gain knowledge as to Bengal genetics, learning more about advanced genetic testing and studying lineage with my Bengal hobby ,  occasionally popping in to spectate at TICA cat shows and just gleaning Bengal breed advancement on the show table , through club memberships and associations with the Bengal knowledgable Bengal breed  enthusiasts  .  

  I have  special interest in what is known as "Snow Bengals" ,  Lynx ,Seal, Sepaia coloration with rosetting patterns like the snow leopards .

Possible Kittens ~

In 2019 I will be  moving forward with advancement  in my program  as to specifics of a certain lineage for the show table . I will be seeking to achieve breed advancement  in conjunction with  Cavscout Bengals of Massachusetts for a special show kitten for lineage advancement of our combined lines    . While moving this particular goal  forward  I may have   a select  litter in the Spring of  2019 , it would be   at that time I may possibly have a few   pet  kittens available for adoption to select families . 

 If you would like to be  be pre screened  for the possibility of a kitten   Spring 2019 k please feel free to contact me.

 I will be  predominantly working with Silver and Snow Bengal lineage , but  depending on sire and dam there will more than likely as  be brown leopard  spotted  kittens   in the litter  ...see  my bengal info page link for a wonderful article  on Bengal colors and patterns  to learn more about color and pattern specifics  .


To Contact  me :

 Please  email  a brief overview of  what has drawn you to wanting a Bengal kitten as part of your family  .  

 * In the email also please include your full name ,  phone number  ,  state and town you are from,  a little info about you and your other pets , and a good time to contact you by phone .   Only emails with phone numbers and  all info requested   will be considered serious and answered.

Thank you .

My goal  when I have Bengal kittens  available for adoption  is always to find responsible loving homes that have thought out their decisions to have a Bengal Cat as a pet , have researched Bengal  kitten care , know a bit about the Bengal Breed in general and are ready for the lifetime care and commitment of owning a Bengal Cat as a family member .  

* I am a member  of The International Cat Association (TICA) .

*I breed discriminately , as a very knowledgable hobby breeder  , with Bengal  breed standards as my guide.

* I will place kittens only in homes that I believe will provide a commitment of love, appreciation, and responsible care.

​Any kitten or cat placed as a pet/companion will be adopted out under the following conditions:

• I will guarantee that the kitten/cat is in good health at the time of adoption and provide a detailed health warranty in my contract with the adopter that covers the specifics of placement and the specifics of the one year health warranty .

• I will have my vet see kittens for health wellness exam and health certificate before placement and age appropriate vaccines . I  also require  the adopter to have their kitten/cat examined by their veterinarian of choice within 48 hrs  of taking their kitten home. This gives you peace of mind that both my vet and yours are on the same page as to your kittens  good health upon placement .


• I will explain to the purchaser the dangers of an outdoor environment and request that this cat/kitten never be left outside unattended.

• I will provide a written contract that describes all terms of adoption . I will abide by my contractual

agreement and hold it 's content legally binding to both myself and the buyer .

• Kittens may be  early spay/neutered prior to leaving my home. If your kitten is not spay/neutered before placement , I will have a contactual

agreement with you as the adopter that the kitten be spayed or neutered no later than 6 months of age and not be allowed to produce any offspring.

* I will provide you with a TICA registration certificate "or" pedigree with parents TICA reg numbers for kitten/cat adopted as a pet. If kitten is not spay/nutered before placement registration an for pedigree will not be provided until proof of spay nutter is sent to me verified in written evidence from a licensed veterinarian .

* I will encourage the adopters of any of my kittens to contact with me any questions and I will respond in a timely manner.

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Please feel free to contact me to chat cats  !

Bengals of Amewsing

W. Sue