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Welcome to Bengals of Amewsing !

Here at my home ~ the wonderful thing about bengals is ... that Bengals are a wonderful thing !

Please feel free to browse my website pages and learn more about the beautiful Bengals that roam my Massachusetts home  .



As a Bengal Breed hobby enthusiast I do occasionally have a litter of Bengal kittens .

When breeding I do so   in accordance to Bengal breed standards  and within the fine ethics of The International Cat Association  .   

If I have the pleasure of a litter of bengal kittens  gracing my  home here in New England , information can be found on my Bengals kittens page .

You can also find interesting info and links on Bengal Cat Info page


 I absolutely adore my Bengal Cats   !

Link here  to see available kittens  ~  Meet my Cats and  Bengal kittens 

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